Monday, 11 September 2017

A night to remember - Amy

In the days when I was finding things hard, I was isolating myself from everybody, especially my friends. We never fell out, I just pushed them away. I sometimes felt like they didn't understand enough. I realise now that they did their best with the information they had, I never told them how down I was feeling. We kept in touch, but only just.

When I went into hospital they all sent me a get well card. I really wasn't expecting it and it meant a lot that they all still cared. It had been two or three years since I last saw them. I knew then that I had to make things right with them.

As I started to get better I saw my friend Hannah more, I saw her a few times on her own which I really enjoyed.

Not long after I got an invite on Facebook to my friend Adam's birthday, like I had done every year. For years I had always thought about going out too much and talked myself out of it. This time was different, something was telling me I needed to go. I spent a few days thinking about what could go wrong as always, but my gut feeling was that I had to go, I wanted to go. I was quite surprised with myself.

The night came and I met Hannah early while it was still light, one by one all of my other friends came. Each one gave me a massive hug and said they had missed me and how it had been too long. I could tell they genuinely meant it. I felt a bit odd and out of place because I hadn't been out with them all since my sight had got worse. I wasn't very up to date on all their news so half of the time I didn't know what to say, but they included me the best they could. I couldn't believe that after all that time, and all that distance, they all still wanted me around. It's like they were there, just waiting for me until I was ready. I felt so overwhelmingly loved that night, I still do. It's a night I never want to forget.

Nearly two years has passed since that night. I have been to just about every night out, every celebration, every gig and every get together. Most importantly, I have told them EVERYTHING that I should have told them all those years ago. And now, we are closer than ever.

My lovely friends Hannah, John, Adam S, Adam A, Michael and Chrissy!