Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Trust - Amy

AmyEverybody likes to have people around them who they can trust. People who they can trust to be loyal, respectful, caring, understanding. and somebody to keep all of your secrets!

When your sight is bad, there is a whole new level of trust needed. As well as all the usual things you need from a good friend, you need them to be your eyes. You need to trust without any doubt that your friends and family will keep you safe. If you don't, this can make things difficult and put you off going out with them.

Whether you are very dependent or independent, if your friends can see properly, your safety is in their hands. Your life is in their hands. This doesn't make them your carer, it just means they will see things that you wont.

Making new friends is always fun. Going out with new friends for the first time can be very scary. With your usual friends you start to develop a routine. Your friends know when you need help and when you don't. They know which side of you is the best to walk and how fast to walk. They learn the obstacles you will probably notice, and the ones you probably wont. With a new friend this is all brand new.

You also need to trust that your new friend wouldn't just leave you to find your own way home. Even if you had a disagreement, you need to trust your friend will see you onto your bus or into a taxi.

If anybody is reading this who has good sight, and has a friend with bad sight, please think about this. If your friend is always making excuses and doesn't want to go out, this could be why.

If you think your friend may not trust you, it is probably nothing personal, or anything you have done wrong. It is just a new level of trust that you both need to learn. Even with the closest friends, this can take time.

Luckily I have the world's most amazing and trustworthy friends.


  1. I understand trust can be hard. There is always good friend out there for everyone. Thanks Amy!! X

    1. You're welcome :) Thanks for reading it Adam! xx