Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Impaired Visions - a poem by Mike

MikeOnce I had good vision, and life seemed fine
Along came two strokes, time to toe the line
Things taken for granted, seen as clear as day
Now smothered forever in a misty way

Now I live in a world that's passing me silently by
Viewed though as through a misty fogged up eye
It’s just like, all around me has suddenly changed
Viewed with fogged up eyes, my sight rearranged

The moon and the sun's magic is still up there in the sky
But the wonder and glamour have gone for my misty eye
However I have new wonders instead to brighten my day
I have Charles Bonnet Syndrome with lovely display

These visions, along with a positive view, have brought life
I now through this condition, along with positivity, not strife
Experience nice people, gaudy costumes, colours and shapes
Live life in a positive manner, go for it don't give in friends.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for writing this Mike. I really like this poem. You've been through the mill a bit haven't you! It's good that you're staying positive though, it makes all the difference.