Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Weather - Amy

The weather, some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it wet, some like it dry, some like it dull, some like it bright. I like it just right.

On a dull, drizzly day, everything seems gray. I look into the distance and the gray pavements, gray roads and gray sky all merge into one. This makes it harder to focus on where I am going. Then it starts raining and that’s when things get complicated.

If I take a brolly then I’m likely to knock somebody with it by accident, plus I have my cane to hold. If I use my hood then it gets in the way of what I can see to the side of me. My peripheral vision isn’t good anyway, never mind with a hood in the way.

If it is windy I am holding my hood up instead of concentrating on where I am going and my glasses get spots of rain on them. Somebody rushes past me from behind. This always makes me jump and startles me as they seem to appear from nowhere. I usually have to stop and make sure everybody is well out of my way before I start walking again.

Finally I get to where I am going. I walk into the nice warm building and my glasses steam up! I think to myself, I can’t wait for a sunny day.

It’s a nice sunny day, clear blue skies, feeling good because it’s sunny at last. The colours are brighter, I can make out more objects in the distance. I can see where I’m going and where I’ve been. Still not great, but better.

Then I turn the corner and I’m walking towards the sun. it’s really bright and dazzling, I sometimes have to stop and get my bearings. I head towards a shaded area to have a break from the sun. Because the sun is so bright the shadows seem so dark. I can’t keep looking into the sun in front of me so I look down.

On the pavement there are shadows of trees, walls, cars and me. Even the shadows on the pavement are really dark compared to the bright pavement around them. Looking at these while I am walking makes me feel a little disorientated and dizzy. All I can see is moving shapes on the floor, not a safe, solid pavement for me to walk on.

When I eventually make it into the shade it seems really really dark. My eyes take a long time to adjust to the light, so even in the shade I can’t focus for a while. It can take five or ten minutes for me to adjust to the light.
For me the weather isn’t just something to talk about, or what to wear. It affects my mood and my independence. If the weather isn’t just right, I find it extremely hard when I am out. For me, the perfect weather is sunny, with clouds!

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