Friday, 24 March 2017

Charles Bonnet Syndrome Poem: An Optical Illusion - Mike

MikeNow then, an optical illusion
Is when your eyes don’t reason
They tend to play tricks on you.
Show you things others don’t view
Some see something that isn’t there
Others trying to see it, stare and stare
Now take an abstract painting,
Then take a closer look, it will bring
All different kinds of objects there
Your mind can make them all appear
Try watching as the clouds roll overhead
Then look at the different shapes uncoloured
Take note, observe what is created there
Next time you look at an object, just be aware
It could be you’re seeing an optical illusion there

About Charles Bonnet Syndrome

A note from SRSB

Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS) or ‘Phantom Visions’ as the syndrome is often called, can be a very worrying side effect of sight loss, where the brain tries to compensate for not seeing by creating visual hallucinations or sees things which are not really there.

They may be simple images such as grids and patterns, or elaborate, complex images of objects including animals, people or landscapes.

Charles Bonnet hallucinations are not a sign of dementia or any other sort of mental illness. They are a normal response of the brain to the loss of vision.

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  1. Thank you for your poem Mike. We really appreciate it. It's really interesting to read what it's like seeing through somebody else's eyes.