Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Wheelie Bin - a poem by Carol

CarolIt isn’t just one, they all get in the way
It was always on a college day
When Anna and I walked there and back
Anna thought she might get the sack
Some were easy to get around
And Anna had the gaps to find
Sometimes we ended up a bit on the road
Mum would often give us a ride
She knew how difficult it could get for us
When we got around the bins
Anna and I would sigh
They were moved all over by the time we returned
Mine would have disappeared
It would be in the neighbours' garden
And with their own
Probably thought as I couldn't see
So I wouldn’t moan
So Fridays weren't great
Thanks to those wheeley bins
They may get rid of the rubbish
But on Fridays they made me want to sin

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