Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Adventures of a blind person - June

JuneI of course don’t know what it’s like to be blind as I am only partially sighted. But even then you have to learn to adjust. It can still be frustrating.

Since I was 14 I had to wear glasses for being short-sighted. I had to wear them all the time. I loved to read, and I needed them for that. I struggled a bit when I went swimming and of course for my music and words at my choir.

This lasted until the day before I was 59 when I went to have my eyes tested for some new glasses. They found something not right which led to months of tests at the hospital until I was finally diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

I’ve had laser treatment and injections and am on a load of tablets every day. I also have to put eye drops in at night. Unless I have any problems I only have to go for a check-up every six months. I just have glasses and a magnifying glass now for reading with. I struggle with bright sunlight and the dark and don’t go out much on my own, never at night.


  1. Thanks for sharing this with us June. We have a lot in common actually. I don't like bright light, or dark, or go out on my own much. I am diabetic as well, that isn't the cause of my eye problems at the moment though. I have glaucoma.

  2. Hi my little boy is 4 he had rod cone dystrophy and can not see in the dark. He wears glasses. As for the sun being bright i have got him transition lenses.

    1. Hi, thanks very much for commenting. I haven't been working at SRSB very long, I will have to read up about that. I haven't hard of that before.